How do I create a project board?

Question: “I share an office with several other secretaries. My director has asked us to create a “project board” to post our assignments on. Does anyone have experience with this? We aren’t sure how to start this process, what information to post, etc.” — Anonymous


I have used something similar to this for my staff at past offices… here’s what we did… We started out using a White Board – but it didn’t always get updated as it should have – as some just didn’t want to get up to post. Ultimately, we ended up utilizing our email’s “task-list” section – that was hosted on my outlook and I have them each the ability to view/create/edit (but not to delete) the items on their list. I had one “task-list” for each employee – as well as one “general” task list that they could all pull items from when they were looking for something to do. Each person, from their desk, could access, review, make notes to, and mark the task at 10%, 20% etc completed as needed.

The best thing I did was to try out different layouts with paper & tape on a wall first for a couple of weeks, before buying a particular wallboard system or etc. This lets you work out the mechanics of the flow of information & follow-up data, & helps with visualizing the priorities.

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There is a company called “Magnatag” they have white/magnetic boards pre-made for different kinds of needs. Their on-line catalog is filled with great ways of setting up a board if you want to make one from scratch. I have had my board for 2 years now and use it for all my projects for all my managers.

I use a cork board this I’ve divided into 5 vertical sections (using tihn black chart line tape). The sections have these headings: 1) “Do”, 2) “Doing”, 3) “Done”, 4) “Hang Ups” , 5) “Input Needed”. I have written all of my tasks/projects on 3×5 cards and use push pins to place them in the correct section. This is a great tool for me and my managers to have a visual aid of my workload. They can also post new tasks/projects in the “Do” section.