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How should I maximize my potential pay rate?

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Question: “My organization will be bringing in another company to conduct a salary survey.  Has anyone been through this? What can I expect? Can you give me some tips to maximize my potential pay rate?” — Karen


Generally, consultants doing salary surveys will ask for a written job description for each position. These descriptions are compared to other like positions in your demographic area.

If you want to stack the deck in your favor, it would be a good thing to make sure your job description is an accurate reflection of your actual duties.

Our agency went through a salary study about eight years ago. Please make sure you actually write down specifics in your job duties and the percentage of time you actually perform those duties. the original position was a secretary I and after the salary study I was reclassified under Coordinator which was a *10k raise in my salary.

Karen and Jo have given you great advice. If there is a significant difference, I would also have the "old" job description to show the position you were brought in as, in addition to the "new" job description so they can see how your job has changed. Being able to compare before and after has led to reclassification of some of my positions.

Job description?

What's that?

Do whatever you can to maximize your earning potential. However, be careful as well. Back in the day the company I worked for hired a consultant to do a salary review and we were given time sheets to write down what we did and exactly how long it took to do it over a period of 2 to 3 weeks.. The salary survey was the "cover" for our company to eliminate jobs, and I was one of those laid off because I had the least amount of seniority.

I also worked for a company who then downsized after a "salary review". Unfortunately I was one of those who got to stay and had my responsiblities increased with no pay increase. Checking local pay scales I was now grossly underpaid. When I brought it up I was told "you still have a job". I remarked "not any more" and left.

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