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Are adoption benefits part of a standard benefits package?

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Question: “I’m interested in learning if other companies offer adoption benefits, and if so, what benefits they offer?” — Joan Frieden


Such as?? I do know, if this is what you are asking, that as far as maternity leave the wife and the husband are permitted to take maternity leave for children they carried OR adpoted. The same benefit for both. I am 99% sure that is the law here in Massachusetts. I would search in the web for leave of absense due to adoption and childbirth to find out what the labor laws are where you are from I bet they are similar.

Joan - The company I work for currently offers the same benefits to adopting parents as they do for individuals having children. It includes the same time off - same paid benefits, etc... but in this case - instead of the prenatal doctor appointments, it is the legal appointments - so on and so forth. Its great!

Joan - our corporate policy for pregnancy and parental leave specifies that, "The adoption of a child less than one year old shall be considered the same as natural child birth for the purpose of this policy." If the child were older than one year, I'm sure there are benefits, but probably with some restrictions.

I would do as suggested above and search the Internet. Good luck!


Joan - I was fortunate enought to adopt several years ago. My employer provided fully paid 'maternity' leave of six weeks. My husband's employer was The Hartford Insurance Group and at the time was offering to reimburse up to $3000 of adoption (legal)expenses during the first year that the child was placed with you. This was a huge benefit to us!
Good Luck!

Joan, the company I work for pays $7,500.00 toward each adoption and a couple are allowed two adoptions for an allowable lifetime maximum of $15,000.00. As far as time off, the wife receives 10 weeks of paid time off for maternity leave and if her husband works for the same company, he gets two weeks bonding time off. I hope this information has been helpful.

Hi Joan, My company offers up to $3,500 per adoption for documented out-of-pocket adoption expenses plus 10 days of paid parental leave (mom or dad).

Our maternity/paternity leave policy is called "Leave for Mothers or Fathers of Newborn or Adopted Children." It is identical whether it is a mother of father, and whether it is the employee's blood son/daughter or adopted son/daughter.

The personnel policies are the same for adopted children as they are for newborn children. You can get six weeks of leave.

Joan - Depending on the company policy and amount of time that you have worked for the organization is going to determine what type of benefits you are eligible for. FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) will protect you job for up to 12 weeks for the birth of a child or placement of a foster or adopted child. Many companies will pay leave for the first 6 weeks of FMLA, however they are not required to and many don't. Leave does not have to be taken all at once, but it can be spread out over 1 year. In order to eligible for FMLA you must have worked with the organization for 12 months or 1040 hours. Talk to your HR department about other benefits. I have never seen an organizaiton pay money to assist in adoption, but that is definitely an added benefit!! Good luck!!

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