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1-Minute Strategies: Aug. ’11

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Scroll down a web site one screenful at a time by pressing the Space bar. Press the Shift key plus the Space bar to scroll up again.

Keep emotions in check at work with DING: take Deep breaths, Imagine what the other person is feeling, Name those emotions and, then, Go on. “Take a moment to reflect and use your observations to move the situation forward,” says Anne Kraemer, author of It’s Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace.

Let social media help you network before a conference. One tactic: Take the attendee list and methodically connect with people on LinkedIn—prior to the conference. Also use LinkedIn and Twitter to find people with whom you have something in common, then seek them out first.

Save people time by telling them how to skip the voice-mail instructions when they call your cell phone. Say, “To cut to the beep, press ...” If your carrier is Verizon, pressing * will take callers to the beep. On AT&T or Sprint, press 1. On T-Mobile, press #.

Read with the goal in mind. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the volume of reading you need to do. The key is to be clear about why you’re reading something.

Avoid unhealthy, mindless eating while multitasking. A study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who ate while distracted consumed more and felt less full after lunch, compared to those who ate with more focus. It’s yet another argument for eating lunch away from your desk!

Sift through a Google search result using Social Search. When you’re searching for something, Google lets you know within your search results when your social connections recommend web sites and other bits of content. Simply log in to Google to see Social Search at work.

Shop around and search multiple sites to find the best air fares. Don’t assume that Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, Vayama, and the rest of the gang are all showing you the same rates. They don’t. Particularly on international fares, it pays to shop around and search multiple sites.

Call Bing—a voice-activated agent—at 800-BING-411 when you need a phone number, address or directions to a business.

Don’t worry if your team isn’t getting along. Research shows that conflict, if it’s well-managed and stays focused on the team’s objective, can generate more creative solutions than a harmonious group. Research by the HBR Insight Center shows, for example, that slightly grumpy or­chestras play better than conflict-free ones.

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