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Business email etiquette checklist: 5 points

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5 business email etiquette tips — for all workers, at all times:

1. Save recipients time. Save email recipients time by using the subject line to relate your message if you're providing a single fact or asking one question. Add "EOM"—for "end of message"—at the subject line's tail.

best-practices business etiquette

2. Streamline email processing. Streamline email processing by having a single address for your boss and you.

That's how Christine Britton handles electronic messages for her boss, who serves on about 30 boards. She created subfolders for the boss, herself and each organization with which he's involved. After reading a message, she'll add a brief note on top and then drag it into his folder.

3. Don't reply to CCs. Unless your organization specifies otherwise, you need not respond to email messages if your name is in the "cc" field, says productivity expert Laura Stack. And don't reply simply to confirm receiving a message, since most email systems allow the sender to request a receipt if needed.

Reply only if you can't handle an assignment in the time frame expected.

Mastering Business Etiquette & Protocol: This kind of know-how makes you invaluable to your boss...

4. Customize your forwards. Tack on your own comment at the top of the forwarded content. Example: “Jane, we were just talking about this at lunch the other day. Thought you’d appreciate!”

5. Be mindful of people’s time.You may appreciate a link to LOLCats, but some people think forwards are a huge waste of time. If people don’t respond to the link or occasionally forward something funny back to you, nix them from your distribution list.

The fact is, people are naturally drawn to a self-confident person. book coverMastering Business Etiquette gives you an assurance that others will notice and envy.

By showing you how to act in almost every business situation – by giving you new ease and grace – Mastering Business Etiquette will help you be more confident with others … less likely to feel unnerved or embarrassed.

It’s a snowball effect: The more poised and confident you are, the more people will like and admire you, which in turn will boost your confidence even more, and so on.

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