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Lower employee stress to raise performance

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Layoffs are tapering off and business owners are beginning to breathe again. Employees, on the other hand, probably aren’t breathing much easier than they were during the thick of the recession.

They’re still worried about losing their jobs. They still feel like they’re working harder than they had to before hard times hit—and they might be earning less or the same as before.

Studies show that workplace stress has increased over the past several years and that productivity can drop if employers don’t address the problem.

Here are just some of the issues likely stressing your staff—along with suggestions on how HR can help.

The daily grind

Lousy pay, gridlock and crabby co-workers can exacerbate stress in any workplace—even yours.

More than three-quarters of Ameri­cans are stressing out about something related to their jobs, according to the 2011 Work Stress Survey by Harris Interactive and Everest College.

The survey of near...(register to read more)

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