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Trouble-free terminations: 5 smart strategies for managers

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Employment Law,Firing,HR Management,Management Training,Office Politics,Performance Reviews

Employees will undoubtedly leave their termination meeting in a foul mood. So, don't give them any reason during that meeting to send them marching to a lawyer's office. As you'll see in the case below, one inflammatory phrase from a supervisor can spark a lawsuit.

The Right Way to Fire: Briefly deliver the news by summarizing the well-documented, job-related reasons for the termination. That way, while the employee may not like it, he or she will have little to dispute. Allow the person to offer his or her side of the story, even with a little emotion, without interruption.

Also, avoid using any harsh words during termination meetings that would only serve to inflame the issue. Stick to the facts; don't make generalizing statements.

Case in point: During his termination meeting, an employee repeatedly asked why he was being fired. Finally, the employee was told that it was due to his "criminal lifestyle." That p...(register to read more)

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