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Every summer, enterprising teens turn up in droves seeking employment at businesses all across the country.  As much as teens might want to be treated like adults, employers would be remiss to do so. Reason: Treating teen employees in the same manner as you treat adult employees could result in a violation of federal law. Below you'll find advice for you and your managers on making a teen's summer job a rewarding and legal experience.


Work hour restrictions under the FLSA are based largely on age. The employer bears the burden of making sure that the minor is of age to legally work a prescribed number of hours. In general, an employer cannot successfully claim that the minor looked old enough to work a particular schedule or job, or that they were misled by circumstances or by the minor him/herself about their true age.

Example: The DOL assessed a market research firm $552,750 in civil penalties, one of the highe...(register to read more)

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