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Crisis leadership? Google it

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in Best-Practices Leadership

In the aftermath of Japan’s tsunami and earthquake, many companies scrambled to help. And no company did a better job in the midst of the crisis than Google.

Why? Because Google jumped in to do what it does best—find and share information.

As an immediate response to the crisis, Google created the “2011 Japanese Earthquake Crisis Response page.” The site is a simple list of information that people need, such as shelter locations, and an interface for people to find relatives.

In contrast, Microsoft started a social-media campaign by writing a Twitter post and asking others to retweet it, promising a $1 donation every time someone did so. The campaign backfired, sparking a flurry of negative social-media conversation.

Leadership lesson: When responding to a crisis, the most effective and beneficial solution is to share your unique skills and talent. Why just donate money when you can donate immediate help?

— Adapted from “Crisis leadership? Google it,” Jim Nichols, Forbes.

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