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Be prepared to root out hidden harassment: EEOC files a whopper against Burger King

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Employment Law

If you think ignoring even a single sexual harassment complaint is fine, think again. If the EEOC gets wind of the complaint and finds out you ignored it, the result could be a huge lawsuit.

That’s because the agency can legally use one employee’s claim to launch a companywide investigation. If it finds widespread sexual harassment, it can—and frequently does—file a lawsuit.

That’s why you must take every harassment complaint seriously. In­vestigate immediately. If you uncover sexual harassment, fix the problem—but not just for the one employee who complained. Look at your entire sexual harassment policy and the practices you use to enforce it.

Do employees know about your policy? Are they encouraged to report problems? Have you made sure supervisors understand that they’re forbidden to retaliate if an employee complains? Do you make it a habit to follow up with each employee who complains, to make sure there is no retaliati...(register to read more)

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