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Stretch beyond YouTube

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in PowerPoint Tricks

Trying to share a presentation with a broader audience or get the word out about a new company focus?

Three free online tools for putting slideshows and videos online:

1. SlideShare is a site for sharing PowerPoint, OpenOffice or PDF presentations with an online audience.

Cool way to use it: Create, then embed a slideshow into your web site, share a slideshow with audiences on blogs or social networks, or use it to market an event.

Cost: Free; www.slideshare.net.

2. Slideshow is an online platform for sharing and publishing PowerPoint presentations.

Cool way to use it: Because Slideshow supports animations, you can upload self-timed presentation or those with special effects.

Cost: Free; www.slideshow.com.

3. Vimeo: Much like YouTube, but with a more elegant interface.

Cool way to use it: Take advantage of “Video School” to gain tips.

Cost: Free; http://vimeo.com.

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