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So, you're thinking about creating a program to help settle employee conflicts in-house. That's smart; a successful alternative dispute-resolution (ADR) program lets you identify and address problems while they're still manageable and before they land in court. By leading the charge in how your organization solves problems, you can showcase your leadership and creativity. Here's the six-step process I followed to create the alternative dispute-resolution program at the Coca-Cola Company:

Step 1: Assess your organization's readiness. Evaluate its goals. Is a dispute-resolution program compatible with the organization's direction? If not, you won't succeed in selling the concept.

Step 2: Identify major stakeholders. Are your organization's key decision makers on board with creating a dispute-resolution program? It's important to identify these key allies early and to enlist their support.

It's wise to seek the input ...(register to read more)

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