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Can social media actually save you time?

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Social media can be a tool to save you time and actually help your business. Here are five suggestions from OpenForum.com to get more out of it:

1. Get the news fast. Keeping up with the latest news on business or your industry can be a time drain. Two social media tools can help: RSS feeds and news aggregators.

With RSS feeds (www.problogger.net/what-is-rss) you can pull together various sources of information onto a single page. And news aggregators like www.alltop.com give you the latest news in easy-to-read pieces without spending a lot of time on various sites. (See more aggregators in box below.)

2. Digital archiving. The Internet is great for keeping track of content and capturing ideas. Sites like Del.icio.us let you bookmark web sites to come back to later. Having a digital archive can save you time when you need to go back and find something later.

3. Save time “searching.” One of the most frequently searched phrases online is “how to,” but when you do a simple Google search you get millions of results for any topic.

Instead, focus on multimedia content. Do your “how to” search on YouTube and see what videos come up, or click the “Videos” tab when searching Google. Try going on Slideshare.net to see if anyone has already uploaded a visual presentation about the topic. Not only will your searching be easier, but what you find will be a lot simpler to understand than pages of text.

4. Twitter search. Use Twitter’s built-in search feature at search.twitter.com. You can pinpoint what’s happening now and use it to build your business.

5. Simplify with apps. Getting the right apps can help you get lots of things done without ever needing to open the computer. Apps can make it a lot easier than navigating web sites.

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