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Employee is own lawyer? Don’t ignore the suit

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

With more and more lawyers getting selective about the cases they take, em­ployees sometimes have to go it alone.

Don’t ignore these pro se cases. Instead, get expert legal assistance. Often, courts will toss out dubious cases rather quickly.

Recent case: Johnissia Stevenson, who is black, worked for IBM in North Carolina. When she developed problems with some of her black co-workers, she began complaining that they were “out to get her.”

She filed an EEOC action against IBM—and then, representing herself, a federal lawsuit against the company and specific employees.

IBM argued she hadn’t named the co-workers in her EEOC complaint. The court agreed and tossed out the case. (Stevenson v. IBM, et al., No. 5:10-CV-487, ED NC, 2011)

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George December 15, 2015 at 7:48 pm

Please e-mail me too. I have been through hell with them. Spiritual warfare at its peak.


Susan MacEntee March 15, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Johnissia, I am currently an IBM employee in East Fishkill, NY. I took IBM to court and went through a nightmare with them. I would like to contact you to discuss. I want to read your books too. I, too, want to write a book about my egregious experiences with them. Please contact me at the email above. I only get to check my emails 1-2 times a week. Please contact me so we can communicate. Susan


George July 26, 2015 at 3:39 pm

Please e-mail me. I have been through hell with them too.


Johnissia Stevenson December 31, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Author, Johnissia Stevenson will be releasing books on new date, March 31, 2012(tentative) instead of December 6, 2011 due to additional content relevant to the books. Please pardon the delay but it will be worth the wait. These books cover her experiences in Corporate America over the last ten years and Stevenson is possibly preparing a third book. Currently, International Business Machines is threatening Black Liberty Productions with lawsuits and has managed to get blacklibertyproductions.com website suspended. They have accused Stevenson of defamation and trademark infringement; however, the accusations are not true. Stevenson is exercising her first amendment rights and forewarns others of the tragedies that can be associated with working in today’s climate. Stevenson had no enemies before her workplace turned on her and all of the events described in each book can be confirmed. The third book, should a formal lawsuit be incurred, will detail the proceedings within the legal system. After all Stevenson has been through, being torn, tattered, attacked and misrepresented, there appears to be another level to overcome. The titles currently include
• When It’s Been Miserable: Overcoming Workplace Pains and Obstacles
• When It’s Been Miserable: Overcoming Being Stalked, Investigated, and Scandalized
• When It’s Been Miserable: Overcoming Lies, Litigation and the Law (tentative)
The first book titled When Its Been Miserable: Overcoming Workplace Pains and Obstacles seeks to share with the reader how to face the challenges of the work environment and it reveals tools and techniques to see your way when there seems to be no way. It also discusses what happens when priorities get disarrayed and finally how to recover and overcome and believe God for more – even against the odds. The second book is the part two titled When Its Been Miserable: Overcoming Being Stalked, Investigated and Scandalized. It tells of what happens when leadership in executive positions believe lies and the attacks and measures they will take to injure and destroy a life. It highlights the psychological games and physical attacks and tells in brevity of the character assassination attempt on Johnissia’s personal life and professional future. It exposes that if there is no dirt on you and the enemy wants to hurt you bad enough, they will create it. This book speaks of spiritual warfare and executive level power trips, faith and beating the odds to inspire the world. Privacy and home invasion, false accusations of mental illness, drugging, hypnosis, rape recordings, death threats, etc. are just several of the major attacks a corporation can and did pose on an innocent life. Today’s executive levels can make a virgin look promiscuous, a straight woman look gay, and a bright and talented woman look crazy. An act of Congress can be launched against an individual and everyone you know can be silenced. These books reveal that real modern day abuses in the workplace can expand to the home and community if the employer is large and vicious enough. Both books look to expose the dangers that exist in today’s world and workplace and to help those who have experienced similar and worse situations heal while empowering those still in the workforce to keep their guards up and define their own way out of what she describes as “slavery by a paycheck”. The first book is a must read for any student or young person entering a corporate workforce, or relocating to an unknown land for work, and the second for any employee whose excellence is undervalued or who becomes the object of upper management jealousy. It shares a true story that lets the reader know that there are far worse things in life than simply being fired and that there is far more to life than keeping that “good job”. These books come at a time when the smarter planet goal is a scary planet reality, when employers are more like slave owners, and executive level management will do more to hurt an individual than it will to help a nation. It is a huge wakeup call that screams that we as a people must take charge of our rights and take control of the systems that should help but only hurt.
Johnissia Stevenson is President of Black Liberty Productions. She is a faithful Christian and an accomplished technologist who obtained her Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her Masters in Management Information Systems from University of Arizona. This All American woman has a strong commitment to “overcoming to thrive”. She is an inventor, Professional Project Manager, SAN expert, writer, speaker, evangelist, mentor, advocate, visionary and an overall powerhouse of excellence. She worked for IBM for the last ten years and after experiencing those challenges and elements of corruption that inspired her books, now seeks a future in entrepreneurship to explore her gifts, talents, goals and dreams of writing, teaching, business, and expressing her leadership as a personal power and community advocate.
For more information about “When Its Been Miserable” Part I and II and possibly III visit:
blacklibertyproductions.com (soon to be updated and released from suspension);
Contact publicist at 1877-252-5423; Like us on Facebook fan pages: search on Black Liberty Productions


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