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I didn’t know Excel could do that!

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in Excel Training,Office Technology

Have you discovered all the tools and shortcuts buried within Excel? Annette Marquis of software training and consulting firm Triad Consulting bets that you haven't.

"Most admins use Excel every day and are always surprised at what they can learn about it," she says.
Hedge your bet by checking out Marquis's list of Excel features, tools and techniques, which we've detailed below:

Excel tips and time-savers for every skill level

Move quickly between work sheets

Right-click the navigation buttons (bottom) and select the sheet you want to move to. Or:

  • Press Ctrl+PgDn to move to the next sheet
  • Ctrl+PgUp to move to the previous sheet
  • Ctrl+Tab to move to the next open workbook

Join text from multiple columns

Example: A2 contains first name, A3 last name. You want to join the two.

  • =CONCATENATE(A2," ",A3)Or: 
  • =A2&" "&A3

The space (in quotes) inserts a space between the first and last names.

Start building your own time-saving Excel templates with this colorful how-to guide...

Quickly view a total, average or count

  • Select the cells to total. View the SUM in the status bar.
  • Select the cells to total. Click the SUM in the status bar and choose another summarization method.

Create a drop-down list of values in a cell or range

1. Elsewhere in the same work sheet, enter the values for the drop-down list in the order you want them to appear.

2. Then, select the cell(s) that will use the drop-down list.

3. Choose Data/Validation to open the Validation dialog box.

4. On the Settings tab, choose List from the Allow drop down list.

5. Click in the Source text box then select the list of values you typed.

6. Click OK to create the drop-down list in the selected cell(s).

If you must have the validation list on another work sheet (so you can hide it), name the validation range and use the range name as the source. Need help with this? Open Excel help and search on Name.

There are tons of autofill, auto correct, templates, macros (and many more) options available to help you quickly and effectively navigate your workbook. Screen shot by screen shot, our colorful how-to guide will walk you through how to use:
book cover
  • Time-saving Templates
  • Custom Keystrokes
  • Trouble-shooting Formulas
  • Magical Macros
  • Text-imports
  • and much more!
Stop retyping and figure out what's really going on in those spreadsheets! No matter what skill level, Microsoft Excel: Time-Savers for Every Skill Level will teach you all you need to know, then help you improve your skills.

Get your copy today!

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