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in Ready, Aim, NewHire

Pat is a seasoned HR professional working for a mid-sized manufacturer of machine parts in the Chicago suburbs near O’Hare. We were involved in the hiring process that brought Pat to the company so we had some inside info on her position.

The CEO’s vision for Pat’s position of Human Resources Director was clear:  he wanted to engage a strategic thinker able to guide his company’s people management and help take the company to “the next level.” The CEO had a goal of doubling revenue in five years and given their market and product positioning the goal seems achievable… if he had the right people and processes in place.

When we caught up with Pat three months after she started, she was “in the weeds.” I asked her how it was going. She said she had several open positions and was spending two-and-a-half days a week screening and interviewing. 50% of her time! Sound familiar to anyone?

I pointed out to her that the CEO had a different vision for her job and she remembered the promise of a “strategic” position, but seemed resigned to living in Resume Hell.

When Pat posted her latest position for Customer Service Associate, she advertised only the most attractive aspects of the open position. More than 800 candidates chose to express interest. How many emailed resumes to Pat receive? Zero, zilch, bupkis (as my Grandma used to say)!

Pat didn’t use a recruiter or a head hunter, she didn’t pay 30% or even 15% of the salary in fees.  She used NewHire and now spends ZERO TIME with unqualified applicants.

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