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What I’ve learned in 22 years of recruiting…

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in Ready, Aim, NewHire

Welcome to the Ready, Aim, NewHire blog!  I’m Chuck Smith and I’ve spent the last 22 years helping companies, large and small, get the right person for the job. Which job? You name it… President, Vice President, Toll Booth Collector, Operations Manager, Secretary (yes, “Secretary”), Administrative Assistant, Carpenter, CNC Operator, Steamer/Dresser, Temp, Sales Rep. and so on and so on in industries ranging from Advertising to Zoology.

So how do you go about preparing and executing a recruiting strategy that will have you hiring the best while keeping you safe from the worst?  Well, that’s what I’ll cover in this blog.  I’ll share with you strategies such as how to make your company an “Employer of Choice” and how to build a recruiting process that is efficient, effective and won’t break the bank.   I’m going to share with you proprietary data from a study my company conducts regarding the effectiveness of job board advertising. And I’m going to talk about the challenges and the opportunities that all companies face whether they hire 2 people, 20 people or 200 people a year. 

In addition to my little pearls of wisdom, I want to hear from you too. Great ideas that worked and great ideas that failed. Interesting tidbits, time-tested methods, questions, and challenge that you face, you name it. When it comes to recruiting, one thing is for sure:  it’s not anything can happen, but everything will happen.

Take for instance the time the client said to me, “We’d love to hire Craig after you speak to him about his underarm stains.” Or the time very early in my career (when I myself was a temp) where I was sent home before the job even started because “the old geezers expected to see a skirt outside their doors.”  And most recently, the time my company performed a resume verification on a top candidate who was up for a lucrative position at a Fortune 100 company.  We found out that key parts of his resume were entirely fabricated.  Never went to college, never worked for the previous employers listed, didn’t even live at the address he listed. 

You get the point.  Everything will happen!  So check back often and interact with me and the other readers.  We have plenty to teach each other.

Happy recruiting!

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