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The Integrated Marketer

In Lean Times, Fatten Your Offer

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in The Integrated Marketer

According to today’s trend spotters, frugal is in and frivolous is out. So sure, your customers are looking at every penny.  But that doesn’t mean price breaks are the only arrows in your marketing quiver.  In fact, if you only focus on price, you’re vulnerable to any competitor who undercuts you by a couple dollars.


The better strategy is to integrate a good price with an offer of something extra. That’s Marketing 101, right? 


Yes, but here’s the recession secret: you don’t have to pay a penny for those extras.


No kidding!  You don’t have to buy mugs, mini radios, or other freebies.  Simply create your “extra” from what you’re already doing.


For example, have you seen the print ads for Wyndham hotels?  They offer to stock your room with your favorite snacks and beverages.  Isn’t that wonderful of Wyndham?? What a great message about customer service, going the extra mile, and attention to detail.  Here’s the cherry on top: It doesn’t cost Wyndham extra.  The chain was already stocking mini bars with a selection of snacks … so why not just let guests make requests and use that to create a fatter offer?  Brilliant!


Here’s another example: For years, a kitchen remodeler had a practice of sending his employees over to help clients clear out their cabinets.  Then, at the end of every job, he sent employees back to help unpack all the pots, pans and dishes and set up the new kitchen. Now, that savvy contractor has turned what he was already doing into a powerful new offer: Concierge Service that’s FREE to folks who sign the remodeling contract promptly. 


So what about you?  Is there expertise you’re giving away for free?  Do you have access to content that could be “sliced and diced” into free whitepapers or guides?  Are there products you’re about to discontinue that could be packaged with other products as special-value “combo deals?”


Get creative!  And as you take a look at what you’re already doing, share back with us what kind of “all-new” offers you discover.

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