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Give your iPhone a productivity boost

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in Office Technology

Of the millions of iPhone 4 (and iPhone 3GS) users in the United States, most are unaware of the advanced shortcuts that can make them more efficient. Here are six ways to boost your productivity:

1.  Activate Voice Control by pressing and holding the “home” button. Once activated, you can use Voice Control to make a call (Dial “202-555-0000”), play a song (“Play artist Dave Brubeck”) or find out the time (“What time is it?”).

2.  Speed up your online search. Normally, to launch a browser, you wait, then enter the search term, then launch your search.

But there’s a faster way. When your home screen first appears, swipe from left to right across the window to pull up a search screen.

Enter your search term, then hit “Search the Web” or “Search Wiki­pedia.” No need to launch a browser.

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3.  Save an image from a web site by simply tapping and holding your finger on an image until you see buttons pop up saying “Save Image” and “Copy.” The captured picture goes into your camera roll.

4.  Locate a keyword on a web page by using the “Google” field on Safari. Type in the word you’re looking for. A list of search options appears, including “On This Page.” Tap that, and you can see where that term appears on the page you’re viewing.

5.  Undo what you just typed by shaking your iPhone. (Remember your Etch A Sketch toy?)

6.  Restart a sluggish iPhone by holding down the “home” button and “sleep” button. To complete this “hard reset,” continue holding until the phone restarts and displays the Apple logo.

— Adapted from “16 Tips to Take Your iPhone to the Next Level,” Sam Grobart, The New York Times.

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david October 16, 2012 at 4:24 am

Hey Guys!
Nice list thanks for sharing… Would like to add Future Scheduler app (paid) for iPhone this helps you in scheduling text messages, emails, status update and phone calls. Check it out!!!
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