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Avoiding a Lohan wardrobe faux pas

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in Business Etiquette,Career Management,Workplace Communication

When actress Lindsay Lohan opted to wear a short, snug-­fitting white dress to her court appearance, public relations pro Meryl Weinsaft Cooper wrote on her blog (beyourownbestpublicist.com), “The dress spoke volumes, though clearly not about what she had hoped it would.”

Cooper says, “Poorly chosen clothing can, at a minimum, be a distraction and, at a maximum, a barrier to entry. So it’s important to be super clear about what your clothing says about you.”

What can we learn from Lohan’s wardrobe dysfunction? Plenty.

1.  Consider your audience. In the book she co-authored, Be Your Own Best Publicist, Cooper writes, “Don’t wear a ball gown to a ballgame.”

Think about who is going to be in the room or at the meeting.

2.  Most people know that it’s a no-no to wear clothing that’s too tight or shows too much skin in a professional setting. “But the same can be said for ill-fitting or baggy options,” says Cooper.

Tip: Take key items, like your go-to suit, to the tailor to get them fitted appropriately.

3.  Even small details send a message. For example, on Lohan’s first court date, she arrived with an expletive painted on her fingernail.“The upshot? Everything you wear (not to mention do, say and post) is your calling card,” says Cooper.

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