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According to a new Workplace Forecast survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), HR professionals’ most pressing challenges are rising health care costs, implementing the new health care reforms, rapidly changing business and labor markets, growing regulatory complexity and managing the aging workforce.

Here are the 10 toughest HR challenges, according to the 9,000 HR practitioners SHRM polled to prepare the forecast.

Figures in parentheses indicate the percentage of survey respondents indicating that an issue is having a “major strategic impact” on their organizations.

1. Continuing high cost of employee health care coverage (85%): According to SHRM, “Economic and employment issues have been at the forefront of HR professionals’ concerns since the 2007-2009 global recession began in December 2007.” The high cost of providing employee health insurance took center stage in 2010.

Reason: Last year, employers typic...(register to read more)

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