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Bad managers are not consciously aware that they’re bad managers. And if they are aware of it, they’re probably not willing to admit it to anyone.

Nobody wants to think they might be the problem.

Here are a few clues:

1. Your group is underperforming. Poor performance is usually linked to bad leadership.

2. Your board is turning up the heat. You’ll feel that right away.

3. Allies are distancing themselves. It’s a clue that you’re damaged goods.

4. You’ve been acting like a jerk. Maybe somebody has said so and maybe not, but at some level you know it. That takes a toll, and unfortunately, you’ll take it out on others.

5. Your decisions are a little off. Decisions are actions, actions produce results, and results are quantifiable.

6. Your relationships are sour. Bad bosses don’t usually make for wonderful spouses and friends.

7. Your employees are miserable. They avoid your gaze, stop talking and look guilty when you’re around.

— Adapted from "7 Signs You May Be a Bad Manager," Steve Tobak, BNET.

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