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How to push ideas past naysayers

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

“If you’ve ever had an idea shot down at work, you know it’s not a great feeling,” says workplace columnist Anita Bruzzesse.

Nearly every office has a person who shoots down ideas before they even get off the ground: the naysayer who always pinpoints the reason your idea won’t work.

“But here’s the problem,” she adds. “If you don’t learn to do a better job of presenting your ideas, chances are good the same thing will happen over and over, no matter where you work.”

The only way to defeat a naysayer is to be ready for her. Know how to respond to every one of the blockades she puts in your way.

John P. Kotter, a Harvard University professor and leadership expert, has just written a book called Buy In that explains the kinds of attacks that can dismantle good ideas—and how to deal with them.

He suggests ways to respond to these attacks:

“Why change?” When someone questions the need for changing at all—because what’s been don...(register to read more)

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