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Let your body language broadcast your confidence. Stand with your head slightly tilted and your hands clasped, and with a smile and a gaze that meets the other person’s. Joe Navarro, author of Louder Than Words, explains that the head tilt exposes the neck and says, “I am listening; I am comfortable; I am receptive.”

Keep track of your “must read” pile with Delicious.com. It’s a particularly useful tool for longer-term storage of important articles, and you can access it from any device. Here’s how: Using a browser bookmarklet, send articles and web pages to your Delicious account, plus a short personal note and topic tags.

Résumé tip: List accomplishments, not just job duties. When using verbs, pick powerful ones like “achieved” and “increased.” Avoid less impressive verbs such as “contributed.” Avoid adjectives and adverbs such as “dynamic” and “skillfully.” If a skill is on your résumé, it’s assumed you can do it well.

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