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The economy isn’t the only thing that’s in a slump these days. Plenty of workers are in the doldrums, too.

They feel stuck in their jobs because new ones are hard to come by. They can’t afford to retire. So they’re not performing as well as employees who look at their jobs as labors of love. HR can help get them back on track.

These eight ways to boost employee performance just might work in your organization.

1. Walk the talk. Nearly half of employees feel that organizations put corporate values “on the wall” but don’t practice them, notes a study by research firm StrategyOne. Yet managers who exhibit corporate values can improve employees’ performance by 12%, according to data from the Corporate Executive Board.

Tip: Encourage workers to bring problems to management’s attention.

2. Ban busywork. The Families and Work Institute has found that more than half of employees feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do...(register to read more)

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