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The HR I.Q. Test: January ’11

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Employment Law,HR Management,Human Resources

1. In 2009, employers experienced a 5.5% increase in health benefit costs per employee. What was the average per-employee increase in 2010?

    a. 4.4%    b. 6.9%    c. 9.2%

2. What percentage of U.S. workers say they trust their boss?

    a. 43%    b. 68%    c. 86%

3. What are the top three most frequent safety violations handed out by OSHA? 

    a. Electrical safety; scaffolding; respiratory protection

    b. Scaffolding; fall protection; hazard communication

    c. Electrical wiring; ladders; hazard communication

4. A new CareerBuilder survey says owners of certain pets are more likely to be drawn to certain professions. What kind of pets are human resource professionals most likely to own?

    a. Fish    b. Dogs   c. Birds

5. What did the federal government declare recently about health care plans that are “grandfathered” under the old law?

    a. Switching insurance carriers will automatically force your plan to be subject to the new health reform rules.

    b. Switching insurance carriers will not automatically force your plan to be subject to the new health reform rules.

6. At a public hearing last month, the EEOC said the economy is causing which group of people to have a harder time finding work?

    a. Older workers—leading to more age discrimination cases

    b. Women—leading to more sex discrimination cases

    c. Minorities—leading to more race discrimination cases


Sources: 1. Mercer; 2. Adecco survey; 3. OSHA.gov; 4. CareerBuilder.com; 5. SHRM.org; 6. EEOC.

Answers: 1. b   2. c   3. b  4. a   5. b  6. a

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