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Leadership Tips: Vol. 111

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Stay professional at virtual meetings. It’s tempting to drop your guard, and participants have even been caught grooming themselves on camera. The solution? Do nothing else in a virtual meeting except attend the meeting. Also: Use the mute button, shorten presentations and use prompts like “Excuse me” or “Question.”

— Adapted from “Staying Professional In Virtual Meetings,” Eilene Zimmerman, The New York Times.

Get free advice about running a business from Ask.Inc.com, launched last fall by Inc. magazine and answer site Mahalo. Recent answers include making a firm more attractive to buyers, dealing with health insurance deductibles, recycling electronics and monitoring telecommuters.

Suggestion for airport security. Chances are you’ve been through an airport full-body scanner (aka “the naked machine”) a few times now. If not, be prepared to surrender your belt or necklace for a secondary search. The machines are expensive and chew up more business time—another economic win for the terrorists. And couldn’t the TSA at least buy us a drink before examining our full anatomy?

— Adapted from “Bull Body Scam?” Eric J. McNulty, Executive Nomad, executivenomad.com.

Sergey Brin out front. The Google co-founder, having conquered search, has set his sights and his money on finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease. His take on leading: “Obviously I’m somewhat unusual in the resources that I can bring to bear. But all the other things that I do—the lifestyle, the self-education, many people can do that. So I’m not really that unique. I’m just early. It’s more that I’m on the leading edge of something.”

— Adapted from “Sergey’s Search,” Thomas Goetz, Wired.

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