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Be more efficient in Word: 8 quick shortcuts

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1. Alphabetize a list of names or addresses by first highlighting the list, then opening the Table menu and selecting Sort. Choose ascending or descending, and click OK.

2. Remove all hyperlinks from a web site paste in one fell swoop. When copying text from the Internet into a Word document, click the Paste Options smart tag and select Keep Text Only. That also removes all the text's formatting, such as style, font, bullets and line spacing.

Another option: Select the entire text block, then press Ctrl-Shift-F9. No more hyperlinks.
Microsoft Word 2007: Tips and Techniques to Boost Productivity
3. Undo a lot of steps, all in one click. Find the "Undo" button on the Standard toolbar, and click on the little down-arrow in the bottom. A list of actions available to be "undone" appears. Run your mouse pointer down the list, selecting all the actions you want reversed. Click, and you're done!

4. Keep formatting marks turned "on." Why? You can quickly see if your document becomes too complicated. For example, your indented text may actually be pushed over with five tab characters. And, while that wouldn't matter if you were just printing the document, it might if you're sharing it electronically.

5. Move text, without losing track of what you're doing. Select the text you want to move, and press "F2." In the status bar at the bottom of the Word window, you'll see the message "Move to where?" Position the insertion point where you want the selection to appear, and then press "Enter."
You spend so much time in Word, get the resource you need to make that time more valuable.
Microsoft Word 2007: Tips and Techniques to Boost Productivity
6. Access synonyms while writing. If what you're typing in a Word document doesn't quite convey your intended meaning, right-click on the word to check for synonyms.

7. Print multiple copies of select pages.
Say you want to print one copy of pages one through five, and three copies of page 10. Type in the Page range box, “1-5, 10, 10, 10.” Each time you repeat a page number, Word will print an extra copy of that page.

8. Add filler text to your document. You know the "lorem ipsum" gobbledygook you sometimes see as dummy text in mock-ups? Here's how to create it: Place your cursor where you want the random text to start and type "=lorem(x,y)" —where x is the number of paragraphs you want to insert, and y is the number of sentences within each paragraph. Hit Enter.
Microsoft Word 2007: Tips and Techniques to Boost Productivity is the latest resource in our popular Office Tech Series. Melissa P. Esquibel, a Microsoft® Certified Trainer, has edited the transcript of her presentation and added screen shots to help guide you through this new system. You’ll become an expert at formatting … a pro at layout … and a whiz at macros, repeating success every time.

Plus, you’ll learn at your own pace, and on your own schedule.

Our Executive Summary shows you:
    book cover
  • How to find everything you need in the new 2007 interface
  • Formatting tricks and tips to allow you to change your mind without spending hours reformatting and adjusting
  • Page layout tips for headers, footers and section breaks, so you can master even the most complex projects
  • How to repeat success with features like macros, styles and Quick Parts
  • Features like tracking changes and document protection, to allow you to collaborate
  • And so much more!

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