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The 5 levels of delegation

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

As a leader, are you making it clear which level of authority you are conferring when you delegate a task? Keep these five very different levels of delegation in mind, says Michael Hyatt, chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers:

Level 1: Do exactly what I have asked you to do. I’ve already researched the options and determined a course of action.

Level 2: Research the topic and report back to me. We will discuss it and I will decide what to do.

Level 3: Research the topic, outline the options and tell me what you think we should do. If I agree, I will authorize you to move forward.

Level 4: Make a decision and then tell me what you did. I trust you to do the research. Just keep me in the loop; I don’t want to be surprised.

Level 5: Make whatever decision you think is best. No need to report back. I trust you. I know you will follow through. You have my support.

— Adapted from “The Five Levels of Delegation,” Michael Hyatt, Intentional Leadership.

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