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The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 57% of all workplace violence is directed against fellow employees by a co-worker, and 17% involves an employee against a supervisor. Six percent of the attackers are customers; 4% are boyfriends or girlfriends of employees; 3% are spouses of employees. In many cases, at least some co-workers knew that the person might turn violent.

You can’t predict the behavior of your employees, clients and all their associates. You can’t anticipate every possible danger. But the law dictates that you, as the employer, have a “duty of care” to keep all individuals in your workplace safe from dangers you can reasonably anticipate. To do that, you need to evaluate potential dangers and formulate an appropriate action plan.

Ban weapons

Weapons in the workplace present an obvious potential for violence. Aside from allowing designated, trained security personnel to carry them, you should e...(register to read more)

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