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Youthful workforce gets focused benefits

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Teachers at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School call working from home a “primo perk.” The school is an online provider of K-12 instruction designed to serve children who are home-schooled.

While some teachers work at the school’s home base in Midland, Pa., most “tele-teach” from elsewhere. Some even work on other continents, like a teacher of the Italian language who conducts virtual classes from Italy.

A high percentage of the school’s 600 employees are young, so the organization focuses its benefits on the needs of the twenty- and thirtysomethings who work there.

Example: 90 employees have had babies over the past two years, so the school has a day care facility. It also subsidizes employees’ gym memberships so they have to pay just $20 and enrolls promising young professionals in a two-year leadership development program that puts them in line for promotions.

Contact: Fred Miller at (724) 777-5918.

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