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Setting yourself up for a future promotion

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Question: “My manager encouraged me to apply for a promotion to senior accountant. Unfortunately, after I submitted my résumé, the position was changed to one with supervisory duties.  Although I was one of four finalists, the job went to an outside candidate. I feel that I was set up to fail. Now, much to my dismay, I’m expected to train my new supervisor when he starts work.  At the same time, I am single-handedly running a critical project and also training another employee. I feel that management is taking advantage of me, so I have begun to look for another job. Am I wrong to resent this situation?” — Fed Up

Marie’s Answer:  Before resentment causes you to do something stupid, pause for a reality check. When this promotional opportunity was redefined, it became a different job, and the supervisory requirement automatically made you a less qualified applicant. However, you were still good enough to become a finalist. And participation in the hiring process gave you a chance to impress the higher-ups and position yourself for future promotion.  

Being chosen to orient your supervisor is a compliment, not an insult. He will automatically assume that you are highly regarded and knowledgeable, especially since other important tasks have been delegated to you. In short, your future seems pretty bright. So before you impulsively decide to jump ship, be sure that you have your head straight about this situation.

If you hope to be promoted, check out these pitfalls to avoid:  Nine Ways to Kill Your Chances of Promotion.

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