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1. To be eligible for FMLA leave, employees must have worked for their employer for at least 12 months. Those must be 12 consecutive months.

___True, the 12 months cannot include a break in service

___False, the 12 months need not be consecutive 

2. What do employees say are the top three reasons (in order) that they don’t pursue jobs in fields they’re passionate about:

    a. Need for health insurance, fear of unknown, need for steady income

    b. Need for steady income, need for health insurance, economic uncertainty

    c. Economic uncertainty, fear of unknown, need for health insurance

3. What do employers say is the No. 1 most effective tactic for current employees to negotiate a better salary?

    a. Show an understanding of what’s important to the company

    b. Highlight specific accomplishments/results achieved

    c.  Know the salary range you want and have justification for increase

4. Voters in four states last mont approved state constitutional amendments guaranteeing employees’ rights to:

    a. See results of their pre-employment background checks

    b. Receive pay-raise reviews at least annually (public employees)

    c. Vote by secret ballot in union organizing elections

5. U.S. executives say what skill is their top employee development priority for the immediate future:

    a. Team building

    b. Innovation 

    c. Communication

6. In a survey, CFOs say the type of tasks they’d most like to get off their plates are:

    a. Basic clerical/administrative tasks

    b. HR-related tasks

    c. Accounting-related tasks


Sources: 1. Department of Labor; 2. Deloitte 2010 Worker Passion survey; 3. CareerBuilder survey; 4.;  5. American Management Association survey; 6. Robert Half Management Resources.   

Answers:   1. False  2. b   3. b    4. c     5. c     6. a

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