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Voters to decide: Will sheriff have to get out of Dodge?

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

A supposedly confidential sexual harassment complaint has become an election issue in the Dodge County sheriff’s race. An employee in the sheriff’s office claims she was sexually harassed by current Sheriff Jim Trihey.

She claims he originally pursued a sexual relationship with her that she willingly participated in. However, she apparently wanted to end the relationship before he did. The formerly welcome advances were now rebuffed, and yesterday’s flirting became today’s harassment.

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act prevents the county from discussing the case.

But that hasn’t stopped Deputy Sheriff Jim Jensen from leaking pertinent details through his campaign manager, Nathan Nord. Jensen is running for sheriff against Trihey and claims the complaint is the reason he seeks to unseat the current sheriff.

Note: Regulating office romances is difficult, but you should discourage managers and supervisors from dating subordinates. When things go wrong, the employer is usually on the hook.

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