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Should we just ignore an affair?

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Question:  “Our store manager and assistant manager recently ended an extramarital affair after the assistant’s wife discovered it. Everyone at work had been aware of the relationship for quite awhile.  Although they’ve agreed to stop seeing each other, the situation is still very uncomfortable. Our regional boss just wants the whole thing to go away. Sales have improved since these two started working together, so he doesn’t want to transfer either of them out. We’ve been told that any employee caught gossiping about the affair could be terminated. The assistant’s wife is furious that management won't force a transfer, but she doesn't feel that she can speak up. I would like to contact human resources on her behalf, but I’m afraid of getting in trouble. What should I do?” — Disturbed

Marie’s Answer:  What you should do is nothing. What the wife should do is insist that her husband find a new job.  But that's completely none of your business.

Although you now know way too much about your bosses’ personal lives, you must pretend that you don’t. The affair is supposedly over, and management has chosen to retain the guilty parties.  As long as they are behaving appropriately, everyone should just get back to work.

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