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10 steps to get your team’s mojo going

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It’s not too late to get your team’s momentum going, so they’re invigorated by 2011's new year's goals. Here are 10 steps blogger Terry Starbucker recommends:

1. Don’t dive in—yet. First, pause and reflect on the year gone by. Learn from the setbacks and savor the wins. Talk them over with your team.

2. Analyze your blueprint. Review your plans and projects. Visualize the full picture, then describe it.

3. Size up your team. Ask yourself: Is everybody committed to the plan? Do we have unresolved issues? Do we need to reshuffle tasks or jobs?

4. Express the goals. Call upon your team to help you articulate the big goal and three to five of the fastest or best ways to get there.

5. Raise the bar. Calculate how to do things better

6. Read your own fine print. In Starbucker’s parlance, the “fine print” is the flip side of your strengths. While it’s good to be a “hard charger,” it’s bad to charge right over your people or customers.

7. Get out your “virtual Q-tip.” Sit quietly without a smartphone or other distraction and take in what’s happening. Then create this “listening environment” every time you’re with one or more members of your team.

8. Set an “accountability meter.” This is not just the big target your team has to hit. It’s the expectation gauge for every person on the team.

9. Give frequent feedback. Key your feedback to your accountability meter and correct course immediately.

10. Remain patient, calm and open to ideas. Your people and your customers are looking to you to set the standard as their leader.

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