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Minor manners make big impressions: 3 small ways to shine big

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Manners are an important part of the work world. And knowing cultural and regional differences is just as important as we move toward a more global economy.

Here’s what recently polled administrative professionals had to say about business etiquette:

“How much do you feel you could benefit from taking a course on business etiquette?” Benefit greatly or somewhat: 82%.

Meanwhile, executives were asked:

“How important is it for administrative professionals to possess tact or diplomacy to succeed in your company?”

On a scale of 1 (not important) to 5 (most important/necessary to succeed), the average answer: 4.2.

How to roll out the red carpet for visitors

Being friendly and responsive is the key to treating VIPs, says Peter Post, Emily Post's great-grandson and author of The Etiquette Advantage in Business. Here are a few business etiquette tips on how to help you and your boss shine with VIPs in the office:

Deliver a heads-up to the boss. Even if you wouldn't normally give your boss a five-minute warning before an appointment, this would be a time to do it.

"You might give him a chance to clean his desk," says Post. "You're giving him that moment to get ready."
This kind of know-how makes you invaluable to your boss. Every time a delicate office problem or uncomfortable circumstance arises, your command of business etiquette will make you an invaluable ally. Get the guide on how to act in almost every business situtation: Mastering Business Etiquette & Protocol
Greet VIPs by name. Example: Stand up, say: "Hello, Mr. Smith. Let me tell John you're here." Go to John's door, as opposed to calling him, open it for the VIP guest, then close it behind him. These are nice, simple things you can do. And you'll be remembered.

Shoo away distractions so you're not caught juggling when the VIP arrives.

Example: "I want to help you with that problem, but I know Mr. Smith is about to arrive and I need to give him my full attention. I'll get back to you."
The fact is, people are naturally drawn to a self-confident person. Career success depends on growing past the awkwardness into the mature poise that others can rely on.
Mastering Etiquette
By showing you what to say and do in almost every business situation, by giving you new ease and dignity, Mastering Business Etiquette gives you an assurance that others will notice and envy.

It’s a snowball effect: The more poised and confident you are, the more people will like and admire you, which in turn will boost your confidence even more, and so on.

Using the strategies found in Mastering Business Etiquette & Protocol, you’ll look forward to professional interactions as opportunities to shine while advancing the organizational agenda – and your own career.

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