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10 must-haves for your personal network

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Ten people to include in your network:

1. The Mentor: This is the person who has reached the level of success you aspire to have. You can learn from her success as well as her mistakes.

2. The Coach: He helps with critical decisions and offers an objective perspective.

3. The Industry Insider: Someone in your chosen field who has expert-level information or access to it. She’s up on “the next big thing.” And she makes a great sounding board for your innovative ideas.

4. The Trendsetter: He may be outside your industry, but he always has the latest buzz on a topic you find interesting. He’ll help you think more creatively and keep your conversations interesting.

5. The Connector: She has access to people, resources and information. As soon as she comes across something related to you, she dashes off an e-mail or picks up the phone.

6. The Idealist: You can dream with this person, or flesh out a plan to make your dream happen—no matter how crazy it is.

7. The Realist: On the flip side, you still need the person who will help you keep it real.

8. The Visionary: He can help you envision an actual plan to reach your goal.

9. The Partner: You need someone who is on a similar path to share wins and woes.

10. The Wannabe: This is someone you mentor. Explaining things to someone else is a surefire way to understand it yourself. And knowing that someone is watching your moves can be a powerful motivator.

— Adapted from “How To Build A Powerful Professional Network,” Tai Goodwin, Forbes.

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