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Isn’t it about time someone got YOU an assistant?

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in Business Etiquette,Leaders & Managers,Management Training,Workplace Communication

If you're managing an office, chances are that you're the kind of person everyone's always looking to for help. From your boss to your colleagues ... your kids to your spouse ... you're the "go-to" person to solve problems, answer questions and get things done.

And you DO get it done. After all, that's why they all come to you. But there's one problem with this situation: When you need a problem solved or a question answered, who's there to help you?

Basically, you need an assistant. And while we can't add anyone to your payroll, we can provide a service that will help you manage your time, harness technology, work with your boss, impress the higher-ups, and more—while getting you out of the office on time.

Introducing your new assistant — the Administrative Professional Today
Reclaim your calendar ... and your life

Stever Robbins, who dispenses advice on maximizing your creativity and whipping your e-mail into submission, now is integrating time management and innovation into a coherent system for getting things done.

From his new guide to working less and accomplishing more:

Live on purpose. Figure out what’s really important to you, and then set your priorities through life maps with your goals plotted out. Expose your blind spot, so nasty surprises don’t sneak up on you.

Make technology your slave, not the other way around. Gadgets should give you freedom. “When technology diverts you while pretending to help you, that’s the worst,” Robbins says. Turn off devices so they can’t hijack your agenda and set a “designated interruption time.”

A subscription to the Administrative Professional Today includes FREE monthly online training. Get started now and hear a free training podcast on how to excel at Excel

Don’t confuse “neat” with “organized.” Research shows you can spend too much time sorting and filing.

Rather, “everything in its place” may mean one of a few piles around your office, as long as you know which pile to attack when you need something.

Prioritize. The 80/20 rule should govern your workload. Stop trying to do things perfectly. Focus instead on better preparation and speedier decision-making.

If you do add top priorities, consider whether you can drop any low priorities. Create resource books for reference as you add new skills.

— Advice from Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, Stever Robbins.

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  • Mishandling introductions?
  • Saying something inappropriate at a meeting?
It's happened to all of us. Put these humiliating moments behind you.

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