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You work like a dog for the organization every day. You stay up at night trying to keep pace with the constantly changing rules and regulations of employment law. You're even called to put your own career on the line when the organization is hauled into court.

Still, more often than not, HR people get treated like the hired help. When the big decisions are made, you not only don't have a seat at the table ... you're lucky if they don't send you out for coffee!

Why is that?

Far too many HR professionals nowadays no longer see the forest for the trees. They're so wrapped up in the minutiae of payroll, benefits and HR processes that they've lost sight of the "big picture.” As a result, management views them as useful pawns, not strategic partners.

But now, at last, there's a publication designed to put your career in overdrive. It's called The HR Specialist. Learn more about it here.

Is anyone thinking about outsourcing you?

As you've outsourced more and more of your organization's functions, have you ever wondered how long it'll take before someone comes up with the idea of outsourcing you?

It happens every day. Administrative skills are easy to outsource. But – strategic talent is not.

You probably spend your day juggling personnel problems. Putting out legal brush fires. Wearing lots of different hats. You're working hard, and you may think you're making yourself indispensable. But, in fact, you're making yourself a better candidate for outsourcing.

Take a fresh look at the big picture, to understand the mission of your organization and to discover how human capital can support that mission. Are you tracking HR numbers that upper management really wants to see, for example? A recent article in The HR Specialist revealed that while most HR managers keep track of such "transactional” data as turnover and absenteeism, these are not the statistics that executives find most interesting, useful or valuable. Find out how to claim your seat at the table...

Making that kind of simple change in the way you work is the sort of thing that can get you a "seat at the table” when the big decisions are made.

Don't be a problem solver

Sure, CEOs like employees who solve problems. But there's one kind of employee they like even better. They like the employee who never brings them problems in the first place! They like the ones who bring them opportunities, ideas and innovations, instead.

Get managers on your side

Let's face it, most managers regard Human Resources as an annoyance or, worse yet, as an obstacle to getting things done. But with The HR Specialist at your side, you'll turn that attitude around ... and show them how you and your department can become powerful allies in achieving their goals.

Our unique "Memo to Managers” page is designed to be photocopied (or downloaded from our subscribers-only web site) and distributed to management at all levels. It goes a long way toward solving one of your biggest daily challenges: helping managers cope with their people problems ... and helping you keep the organization out of court. Merely circulating this memo each month, in fact, can be used in court as evidence of a "good-faith effort” to keep managers up to speed on sensitive employment law issues.

Start your subscription to The HR Specialist now and you'll also receive Trouble Free Terminations and Difficult People at Work.

TroubleFreeTroubleFree Trouble Free Terminations brings back the days when you could fire incompetent employees without concern for discrimination lawsuits or retribution.

And Difficult People at Work identifies the 24 most common difficult personalities and gives you proven, practical strategies to neutralize their toxic effects.

Try The HR Specialist today and get these 2 bonuses!

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