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Jump ship now, or stick it out?

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One reader, Linda, wrote with this quandary: The company she worked for was acquired by another company. Previously, she’d been offered perks, such as reimbursement for the graduate degree she earned.

But things have changed.

The new employer has frozen pay and promotions, cut pay for some employees (including Linda) and issued layoffs.

“I enjoy the work I do and the people I work with,” she writes. “However, I’m questioning if accepting the same (reduced) pay and position for more than two years after receiving my MBA will reflect negatively on me concerning goals and motivation.

“Is it better to ‘hang in there’ and hope the promotions and pay increase, or should I be looking for other career opportunities?”

What would you do?

On the one hand, it’s a difficult time to be looking for a job. On the other hand, when you have big aspirations for your career, it can feel scary to stay in a workplace that isn’t offering growth opportunities.

Admins who weighed in, for the most part, advised hanging in there:

Admin Joyce believes this employer deserves a chance. After all, Linda likes the work and her co-workers.

“Not all employers are supportive, not all jobs are enjoyable, and not all co-workers are easy to work with; and no matter how good you are, successes and promotions are generally not quick,” she says. “If you’re looking to be part of a winning team, sounds like you already have it.”

Admin Mark agrees that, as long as Linda can support herself on the current salary, it’s better to stay: “Going to another job just for the money might result in a job you don’t like, people you don’t like, or both. These days many companies have salary freezes, so it does not reflect poorly on you that you have not received a raise.”

Staying put doesn’t mean wearing blinders. As admin Debbie puts it, “If it were me, I would begin looking for other opportunities, but I’d be very selective. There is no easy answer when you are established and happy.”

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