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Look beneath résumé cliches for the truth

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Résumé fudging comes in all flavors. First, comes the straightforward lie. Consider this story: Several years ago, the New York Port Authority wanted to know how many of its applicants would lie. It advertised an electrician job with experience using Sontag conductors. Nearly a third of those who responded said they'd had such experience. The only problem: Sontag conductors don't exist. The applicants had lied.

While such bald-face lies aren't always caught so easily, smaller-scale exaggerations and half-truths are even tougher to detect.

In many cases, résumés are filled with vague wording that, in some cases, cover applicants' flaws. Watch for these cliched phrases. If you see them, that's your cue to ask for details.

What kind of cliches are we talking about? Here are the top 10 vague phrases used most often on résumés (and the percentage of times used), according to a new ResumeDoctor.com study of 160,000 résumés:

1. Communication skills 12.6%

2. Team player 7.2

3. Organizational skills 5.5

4. Interpersonal skills 4.8

5. Driven 4.3

6. Detail-oriented 4.2

7. Results-oriented 3.8

8. Self-motivated 3.8

9. Problem-solver 3.2

10. Highly motivated 3.2

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