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Striking a work/life balance

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Question: “I can’t seem to find the happy medium between too much work and not enough. Although I’ve been doing training for 20 years, I still spend a million hours on my lesson plans and class materials. My experience should enable me to work much more quickly, but if I don’t spend all my spare time prepping for class, I feel like a slacker. I’d like to nurture my creative side by trying out some new hobbies and activities. How can I stop devoting so much time to my work?” — Too Dedicated
Control the Chaos: Become a Star at Work Without Becoming a Stranger at Home

Marie’s Answer: You’re being held hostage by your own conscientiousness. Over the years, extreme attention to detail has paid off for you, so now it feels scary to let anything go. Here are a few points to consider:

  • In reality, all this extra “polishing” may no longer add much value. Ask yourself whether the additional hour of tinkering with an established lesson plan really makes it that much better.
  • Your overpreparation may actually have an anxiety-reducing function. Constantly revising and reviewing and rehearsing may help you feel more prepared for the unexpected. But after 20 years, how many surprises can there be?
With Control the Chaos, you’ll find proven, practical techniques that let you leave work every day – on time! – with a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. And you’ll actually improve your reputation with upper management despite working fewer hours! Master these techniques...
  • Breaking this habit will require a strong commitment to self-management. When that nagging inner voice tells you to redo another handout, give yourself permission to say no. Then turn your attention to something else.
  • To explore your artsy inclinations, schedule specific times for creative activities. Put them on your calendar, view them as a serious obligation, and do not blow them off at the last minute. Otherwise, you will just keep revising class materials until the day you retire.
You’re already working as hard as you can. Control the Chaos will help you work smarter with dozens of easy-to-use strategies to help you:
  • book cover Speed through today’s – and every day’s – to-do list
  • Organize your day to carve out more personal time
  • Boost teamwork without spending money
  • Learn secrets for NEVER missing deadlines or details
  • Use mental training techniques to stay in top form
  • Handle this morning’s e-mails and voice mails in less than 10 minutes
  • Discover how to say “no” and still delight your boss
  • Delegate more effectively to improve your own job performance
  • Use creative thinking to put out fires faster and easier
  • Keep difficult colleagues from sabotaging your priorities
  • Recruit allies throughout your organization to help YOU
  • … and much, more more!
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