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What’s your reputation at work?

Chances are, everyone in your office has a “rep.” The Chirpy One. The Sloppy Dresser. The Bad Breath Guy. Fairly or unfairly, we tend to label people in our minds—and those labels change the way we treat our co-workers.

So, what do other people think of you?

Hundreds of fellow admins weigh in on that question each year. Their answers are all over the board, but one theme usually shines through: “She’s got too much on her plate!”
It’s the occupational hazard of every administrative professional. The phone rings off the hook … colleagues interrupt … the computer crashes … your boss loses his plane ticket … the school calls about a sick kid—and it’s only 10 a.m.!

We all worry what other people think of us. But instead of being thought of as The One With Too Much On Her Plate, what if you could be The One Who Handles Everything They Throw At Her?
Administrative Professional Today (APT) is a unique monthly service designed specifically for you—the busy professional who wants to excel at work (and still get home at a decent hour). APT is filled with ideas you can use right now to make your job easier and your performance stellar.

As your new assistant, it’s Administrative Professional Today’s job to provide you with the skills and techniques that get your noticed … get you paid … and get your home at a decent hour. And our regular features do just that—features like:

1-Minute Strategies. We call this our “60-Second Success Seminar.” Each issue of APT starts with 3 or 4 quick-start tips—anything from an exciting new web site to how walking fast can impress others and make you seem more energetic!

How I Managed. What problems are your colleagues facing? How are they solving them? This popular feature reports “from the trenches” on the difficulties your fellow administrative pros face—issues YOU may be dealing with, too.

Grammar Repair Shop. One of our most popular departments, this valuable feature helps you improve your written and oral communication skills, helping you impress your boss … your boss’s boss … and your clients.

In Step With Technology. From Outlook to Word … PowerPoint to Excel … and the most helpful, informative web sites, you’ll not only stay “in step” with the latest office technology, but even a step ahead!

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