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1. The majority of HR pros (65%) say applying at their firm’s web site is the optimal way to apply with their organization. What percentage still say a paper résumé and cover letter are best?
    a.    18%    b. 12%    c. 3%

2. The so-called “Franken Amendment” prohibits the awarding of certain Defense Department contracts unless the contractor agrees:
    a. To pay at least 90% of employees’ health insurance premiums
    b. To unionize the workforce within the next three years
    c. Not to enforce mandatory arbitration agreements against their employees

3. What do nearly half of employees (44%) say has happened since they’ve started with their current employer?
    a. They’ve felt like a victim of sex, age or race discrimination
    b. They’ve gained weight
    c. They’ve dated someone at their workplace

4. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of employees with strong trust in management want to spend the rest of their careers with their present company. What percentage of employees with weak trust in management want to be “lifers”?
    a.    19%    b. 7%    c. 2%

5. Employers must retain their employees’ I-9s for:
    a. At least three years after the person’s hire date or one year after termination, whichever comes later
    b. At least one year after the person’s hire date or three years after termination, whichever comes later
    c. Three years

Sources: 1. SHRM survey; 2. Defense Department; 3. CareerBuilder survey; 4. Maritz Research; 5. USCIS.

Answers: 1. c   2. c   3. b   4. b   5. a

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