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You: The secret workplace weapon

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in Admins,Hiring,Human Resources,Meeting Management,Office Management

Administrative professionals could be a secret weapon in helping companies bounce back from the recession.

New research by OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals shows administrative professionals are moving beyond their traditional roles to take on responsibilities in areas such as cost control, technology and the use of social media, hiring and corporate social responsibility:

  • 50% of managers say support staff play a role in helping their firms reduce spending.
  • 32% have turned to administrative personnel for help with technology.
  • 63% of administrative professionals have assisted in hiring other support staff at their firms.
  • 83% say they’ve taken courses in accounting, budgeting, purchasing and negotiation when offered.
  • 94% reported that these classes have helped them be more cost-effective at work.

“Managers may be overlooking a valuable resource if they aren’t tapping support staff to take on new projects,” says OfficeTeam executive director Robert Hosking. And, he adds, “Administrative professionals must also proactively increase their workplace involvement. Doing so can boost their visibility and help them advance their careers.”

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