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Most timesaving “secrets” are the best practices you’ve been hearing about since the advent of paper clips. The trick is, you have to try them out to discover whether they match your work style. And then you have to stick with them to gain the benefits.

Here are three timesaving secrets recommended by administrative professionals:

1. Set up a tickler file to avoid future items falling through the cracks. One admin, Robyn, swears by her tickler file, which organizes paper documents by date (through files labeled 1 through 31) and month (files labeled January through December).

“When I run across something that needs to be done at a later date, I put it in that day or month,” she says. “At the first of every month, I go to that month’s file and take out everything, putting it in the appropriate day. This way, you don’t have to have stacks on your desk and nothing gets lost.”

Another bonus of the system: If you’re unexpectedly ...(register to read more)

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