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by Mindy Chapman, Esq.

Aw c’mon. An employee is obviously pregnant but you can’t even say the “p” word? Does the mere use of the adjective translate into legal liability?

One court recently said “relax.” It’s OK to say a woman is pregnant; just don’t make any employment decisions based on it or comment negatively. Still, it’s a bit tricky, as this case shows …

Case in Point: Amy Elam learned she was pregnant soon after taking a teller job at an Iowa bank. She suffered from morning sickness and had to abruptly leave her teller post between four and 11 times every morning.

Elam’s doctor recommended the bank excuse her from work as necessary, which it did. But the situation didn’t improve. Elam continued to leave her station frequently, even in the middle of customer transactions. She sometimes left her cash drawer unlocked, left money on the counter unattended, put her head down on the counter and constantly required co-worker...(register to read more)

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