Deloitte recruits grads through social media

New York-based accounting and consulting firm Deloitte has found an easier way for job-seekers to determine whether they’ll fit into the company’s culture before they submit applications: by placing employee testimonials in Internet social media channels.

The company’s new recruiting campaign—called “It’s your future. How far will you take it?”—includes a recruiting micro-site ( and Twitter feed called “Life at Deloitte.” Both feature profiles of Deloitte employees and offer potential recruits a glimpse of what it is like to work there.

“Our goal is to offer recruits the most in-depth look at our organization to help them decide if Deloitte is truly the place for them,” said Diane Borhani, Deloitte’s U.S. campus recruiting leader.

In addition, a Deloitte Facebook page features photos, videos and interactive message boards so potential recruits can chat with HR and employees.

A campus-focused LinkedIn group serves a similar purpose, and a “Your Future at Deloitte” YouTube channel plays video testimonials from satisfied employees.

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