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What’s your most bizarre experience in an interview?

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HR professionals experience a lot of strange things when interviewing candidates...from high-tech annoyances to low-class behavior. Recently, readers of Business Management Daily's online HR Specialist Forum shared their stories of the oddest things they’ve experienced during job interviews. Readers then voted on the top five. Here are the “winners.”

5. Bingo! We don’t have a winner! (13% of the vote)

“I always ask applicants what they do for fun, to relax the person. One woman started off by telling me she liked to play bingo on Monday nights. Then she said she liked to play on Wednesdays, too. Then she started to cry, told me she played almost every night, had lost all her money, and her husband had divorced her because of bingo. Needless to say, she didn’t get the job, but I found out where every good bingo hall was in the area.” — Pat

4. A job to die for (19%)

“I once worked in an office where a candidate died during the interview! It was about 20 years ago during an interview for a senior government post. The interview panel asked a question, and the man took a long time to answer—apparently because he was, in fact, in the throes of some sort of seizure. He died before the ambulance arrived.” — Graham

3. Get a room! (21%)

“I had an applicant come to the interview with her boyfriend. We have a large window between my office and where applicants sit, so I could see them, and vice versa. While filling out her application, the two became amorous and proceeded to ‘make out.’ I had to go out and ask them to leave.” — Mary Carol

2. Do you offer dental insurance? (22%)

“I was interviewing a receptionist candidate. Halfway through the interview her false teeth fell out onto the table.
“She said, ‘I’m not getting the job, am I?’ She didn’t.” — Ivonne

1. Face-to-face interview? (26%)

“I was interviewing a candidate for an accounting manager position. He was sitting in a revolving chair and spent the entire interview with his back to me and looking at me over his shoulder. Needless to say, he didn’t get the job.” — Carol

(Read all responses at www.BusinessManagementDaily.com/bizarre.)

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